Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Truth Tella: Jay Z & Solange Are Revealing Us to Ourselves

I didn't want to blog about this, but I keep getting asked about it. I guess you can't have a blog and hope to skate over issues like this.. here are my two cents. Most of the world has turned their attention from devastating news of hundreds of Nigerian girls being held captive by terrorists, starvation around the globe, global warming, homelessness, and amber alerts to dedicate their time and energy to a video of Solange Knowles attacking Jay Z. I too watched the video, I'm no different. I gave it a moment, but I didn't dig as deep as most people.

I guess it's normal to be intrigued by such a strange act of violence- and between two people we all assumed loved one another. Most interesting for some is the fact that Beyonce was right there standing still and seemingly unmoved by it all. My concern is that this video has become more important than the real important stuff, and it's just more proof that we focus on the wrong things.

This is a family issue, a private one. Had someone not been foolish enough to sell the footage to TMZ, we would've never known this happened. Why are we so drawn to this type of dysfunction? Why is it a joke that a woman attacked a man? Why is it being said that Jay "should've" hit her back? There is a lot of unhealthy perspective rearing it's ugly head around this pressing video.

Here's what I think- lets move on. Families fall out all of the time. They fight, scream, yell, attack. She probably totally regrets that footage getting out. I know it's a bit unrealistic to expect this will fade away soon, but I still do. There are so many more vital causes to give your social media space and mind to other than a family fued even if it involves two of the biggest celebs alive.

We don't know what happened, and if I know my fave like I think I do, we probably will never know. It's a very interesting quandary- why we get so deeply involved in our assumptions with celebrities. I mean we go all the way, emotions invested in.. an assumption. Don't let Jay, Bey, and Solange have talked it out, forgiven one another, and moved on.. while you.. in another world, tax bracket, totally outside of their lives.. are still holding on to THEIR issue. There is a life lesson somewhere in that.

Please forgive the billion run on sentences in this blog.. it's mine. I can do that. xo

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