Monday, May 12, 2014

Here Are a Few of Our Favorite #MothersDay Posts From Celebs!

Mothers Day is such a fun social media day! You get to see everyone shout out their moms/kids and post the cutest photos of them. It's a beautiful thing to celebrate motherhood, and we do that well every year on social media outlets.

Every year celebs take to their social media accounts to share their precious motherhood moments too. This year it was great to see some first time moms like Kim K participate, and even beautiful to see the special photo her fiance Kanye West tweeted for his late mother. Brandy shared a short video of her daughter Sy'rai singing, and boyyyyyyyy is she developing something sweet in that voice of hers- just like her mommy.

People like Bran and Kimye were showered with comments about how sweet their mothers day photos/videos were. We collected a few of our favorite moments shared by celebs for you to see below.

Hope you had a beautiful Mothers Day Weekend!

Sing baby!! Brandy seems so proud!

Monica shared this incredible 4 generation photo in tribute to Motherhood

Now we see why Sanaa Lathan is so gorgeous!

Our fave yogi Laura Sykora & Her mini me

Kanye tweeted "Hi Mom" with the below photo

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