Monday, May 5, 2014

Did Rihanna Just Sign to Roc Nation?!

Rihanna loves her team. She's always one to big up Jay or Bey or Yeezy, or any athlete signed to Roc Nation Sports. Just today she sent out this photo on Twitter with a line from Jay's  s/o verse on Clique where he mentions himself, Bey, Yeezy, and Rih as his crew. The photos are of covers selected by Ebony Magazine for their Summer Music Special.

Rih tweeted the photos just as rumors circulate that she's made her ties to Jay Z and Roc Nation even stronger by actually leaving Def Jam and signing on as a Roc Nation artist. Their website confirms the switch from just a managed client to a full out artist on the label. This is huge for both Roc Nation as an entity and Rihanna.

It seems like the likely pairing being that Jay is the person who demanded she sign a contract when they first met. They've been the dream team ever since in some way, so it makes perfect sense that she'd be a Roc Nation signee. I'm not sure what it looks like for Def Jam.. as they have potentially lost one of their biggest artists.

If the news is true, I'll greet Rih with the same thing she shouts out to new Roc Nation Sports signees... Welcome Home!

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