Saturday, April 12, 2014

#Watch Outkast at Coachella 2014 (Full Video)

 It wasn't easy for Hip Hop lovers to go so long without the royal duo. Outkast is by far one of the most celebrated names in Hip Hop music-the two have been on somewhat of a hiatus for about nine years. Every once in a while a rumor would emerge that they were plotting a tour or a show or an album.. but nothing ever came of it.

So when their Coachella set was announced of course fans lost it. Their 90 minute set last night featured their most popular records and some fan favorites. It featured an appearance from a few other incredible talents like Janelle Monae and Future.

The set was cut short and there were a few complaints floating around the social mediasphere that it wasn't all that great for a number of reasons. I say to that, enjoy a moment when you're given one. There is always a chance a performance won't be perfect- especially when you have a group like Outkast in a Coachella setting. I dug it.. and got life! If you missed the monumental reunion check it out below!

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