Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch Drakes "I Witness News" Segment from Jimmy Kimmel

Drake appeared on Jimmy Kimmel again last night on the hilarious segment, "Lie Witness News". In the segment he walked the streets of Hollywood  in a bearded disguise interviewing people about his upcoming gig as host of the ESPYs, a fake sex tape, his career, and more. Drake talked briefly with Kimmel about peoples' responses to his new ESPYs gig before they aired his "I Witness News" Segment.

Ironically Drake's speaking voice is so different from his rapping voice, the people didn't catch on. Drake played the role so well. The answers he got back about his ESPYs hosting (when it hasn't even happened yet) were hilarious!!!!!! He had the people going! He's a great sport, and he's really hilarious! 

Luckily, not everybody had something bad to say. He ran into someone who was a huge fan and even started to spit a few lines of the fan favorite Trophies to prove it. For that lucky guy, Drake pulled off his disguise to reveal himself and thank him. He later invited him back to the Kimmel show to take a few fan pics backstage and get a little more on air shine!

Click Here to watch the hilarious segment!

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