Monday, April 14, 2014

#Watch Chris Brown's Solo Dance Performance of Duet With Ariana Grande- Don't Be Gone Too Long

Chris Brown's team is doing a great job making sure that his music and career are moving forward while the singer handles some personal issues. To our surprise they released a short video of Chris performing to his new single that features the lovely Ariana Grande. Earlier in the year the two were photographed rehearsing for this very single, and now the fans get to hear a little of it.

Chris is an exceptional performer. He moves his body like no other artist out there, so it's always great to see him express himself in this way. The song itself has to be a hit- both Ariana and Chris can sing DOWNE when they want to. This little teaser is enough to hold fans over until we get the full version.

Check out Chris' dancing to Don't Be Gone Too Long below! Man it feels good to blog some good to get some news worth blogging on this guy. Such a talent.

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  1. Breezy is a true talent, most people like him fight lots of demons.