Thursday, April 3, 2014

Press Play or Pause: Why Drake's New Release Days in the East May Be About Rihanna

Drake & Rihanna in Amsterdam

Drake released a highly anticipated, Days In The East this morning. It was first introduced to fans on his WYLAT show as a medley incorporating a line or two from Rihanna's hit song Stay, while Rihanna sat in  the audience for darn near every show.

Even before hearing this full version people speculated because of the incorporation of Stay, that the song was about Rihanna. Now that the full track is here, it's sort of hard to not see how it could be. Drake talks a lot about his muse flying out to anywhere to be with him, naming Amsterdam. Rihanna has been doing just that over the past few months.

He speaks on getting awards, and how his muse shows up to Chanel and gets her rewards. Rihanna is known to absolutely love Chanel. He talks about taking his muse back, and Rihanna was once his girl way before all of these recent rumors of rekindled love.

 Just before Drake starts rapping at the end (he sings the majority of the song), you faintly hear, "I throw my hands in the air and say show me something", so the Stay lyric is actually on the record. Drizzy then proceeds to rap about his muse, and having revelations about her in a conversation with Erykah Badu. He continues to praise the loyalty and beauty of the woman he's rapping about throughout the entire verse.

Safe to say people assuming this song is about Rih, have  many reasons to do so. If the song is about Rihanna, she has to feel golden after the way he crowned her in the last verse. Hear the record co produced by 40 below.


  1. y dont they come out and admit it. they everywhere together now what they tryna hide? i dont like this song i like the other one u put on here yesterday better, but it is cute if its abt rhirhi.

  2. Nice gesture to write a verse for my fave but the song is not all that

  3. Well written, good read. It's very obvious the song is about Rihanna.