Friday, April 4, 2014

Hair Hair & More Hair!! Brandy Debuts New Look

Yesterday Brandy made an appearance on the Queen Latifah show. She surprised fans when she began to post photos of her brand new look!  Rocking a beautiful natural fro, Brandy revealed her fro to fans and they immediately loved it.  This isn't Brandy's first time going natural with her hair style. Bran is known to switch it up every once in a while. What was significant about this time around was her all out IG photoshoot to debut it.

You can really tell in the photos that she's loving it. Even the captions signified the fact that Bran is in a very free space to just be herself. Being a lover of natural hair myself, I'm really happy to see how much celebs are embracing the looks even more.

You have people like Solange Knowles, whose fro look is something like EPIC! Then you have artists like Nicki Minaj who recently has just toned down the excessive weave and make up look for something more natural. These women are beautiful in their own unique ways, and it's great to see them embody that. Who knows, it may inspire others to embrace a more natural look.

I'm totally loving Bran's new look! Check out a few photos of the doll below. What do you guys think!?