Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Albums You Need: THE 4KORNERS

I purchased this project on iTunes last night, and I was immediately drawn into an inescapable love for it. This album is TEN years in the making, yes 10 years. The core group of members of The 4Korners- Clarence "TLee" Hill on Keys, James Thompson on Bass, Isaac Thompson on Guitar, and original drummer Pete Alexander started this project as an outlet for their own creative expression. Since then, drummers Lebron Remmer and now Jerrod Sullivan have also added their touch.

Originally, they didn't set out to make an album. They just wanted to play music that they loved. At some point this album started to form itself as if it was destined to happen. Their new project is a perfect fusion of the instruments they all play so well. It takes listeners on a journey through the creative minds of these incredible musicians. From smooth ballads like Soul Redemption to uptempo moments in 8th Element, this collection of music is a real ride for the music lover.

When asked what they represent, they commented:
Our vision is to start a movement that inspires people to hear and feel music in a spiritual way. To bring new worlds to the imagination and birth new and vibrant forms of music that can help heal the world. This cannot be done on our own's really all God's work. 

These fellas are joining the ranks of so many other incredible musicians before them with an instrumental project. It's so sweet that you don't even realize there isn't anyone singing. This is the type of music that inspires more music. What a truly engaging body of work. Get 4KORNERS on iTunes now. To stay up on all things new with the fellas be sure to stop by their site.


  1. kay is this on amazon too?

  2. Kayki u always up on the random music. U always puttin me on to somebody. Im definitely getting this if u say it hot.