Monday, March 10, 2014

Teaser for New DreamWorks Film, Home ft. Rihanna, J Lo, & Steve Martin

DreamWorks Films are releasing a few must see movies this year. One film movie goers are sure to love is one that takes them far outer space to encounter a group of aliens affectionately known as the Boov.

These squid like aliens are hoping to flee from their current home and avoid running into their arch enemy. In their search for a new home they stumble upon planet Earth. While most of the Boov make it to their new home, one smarty pants little girl named Tip (voiced by Rihanna) manages to stay behind someway and ends up playing the lead role in saving their planet.

The film also features some other mega star power like Steve Martin, J Lo, and Jim Parsons. It looks very entertaining from this short film "Almost Home" released as a little teaser. Check it out HERE.

Home hits theaters on November 26th 2014.

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