Monday, March 31, 2014

Nicki Minaj, John Wall, & Fans Make 5 yr old's Dream Come True

Rapper Nicki Minaj with the urging of ball player John Wall helped to make a little girl's dream come true. Wall posted a moment he had with the little angel on his personal instagram account & social media went on an all out campaign to get Nicki's attention so that she'd know the little girls dream was to meet her. The hashtags #HelpMiyahMeetNicki & #PinkWig4Miyah took off and it seemed like everybody got involved!

The campaign definitely worked, because yesterday Nicki posted the above photo of her and the beautiful little Miyah in one of those pink wigs she wanted so badly. Nicki flew 5yr old Miyah and her mom out to meet her, and they took a few photos so Miyah would never forget her dream coming true.

NBA all Star John Wall took back to social media to thank Nicki and even sent over a signed jersey. This whole thing was beautiful, but it definitely was even more special because Miyah is currently battling cancer. It's great to see a huge smile on her face at such a tough time. Salute to John & Nicki for this!

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