Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Drake & Rihanna Continue to Hang Tough in Europe

If Drake and Rihanna are not romantically involved they sure are making that hard to believe. Rihanna has been at almost every show of his Europian leg of  WYLAT since Paris, and she even hit the stage with him one night. They've been spotted at clubs together for afterparties, hotels, and last night the two decided to hang out at a bowling alley in Manchester with some friends.

A few nights ago on tour, Drake even sang a bit of Rihanna's hit single, Stay during a set of his slow songs. Was he serenading Rih who was in the audience? If not, it's cute to think so.

The two obviously have a lot of history, and Drake has made it known that he has some real feelings towards Rih. We'll just have to wait and see if anything official is happening. Until then, we can watch them skip around the world together enjoying one another's company. They definitely seem to do that.



  1. can they just be official already. they not foolin nobody

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