Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BEHIND THE SCENES: Beyonce Partition Video

Video Director Jake Nava has been working with Beyonce for years. He's sort of her "go to" director. He's been able to capture some of our favorite visuals from Queen Bey, and the ever so sexy Partition was no different. In this BTS footage, Jake opens up about what it was like to film the visuals for Beyonce's recent hit album.

The Partition video in particular got heads turning because as Jake explains, it was Beyonce's sexy to the 10th power. It also featured her husband Jay Z. Jake says that he was attempting to capture genuine intimacy between the couple with only a few minutes to shoot them. You'd never know it because the chemistry is definitely oozing out of their scene.

Watch Jake explain a little more abuot working with Beyonce below:

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