Monday, February 24, 2014

Super Dope Duo Dead Right Releases New Visual for First Single - Rising Tide

I'm totally into this new electro pop band Dead Right. Composed of all around artistic maven Graham Knoxx and the super hot and talented producer Alex Goose, Dead Right offers a soulful yet electro twist to your ears. The two met while working under the same management team in LA. They first collaborated on another fave record of mine by Graham entitled Dollar.

Now, years later- that collaboration has birthed a super cool duo, and inspired a full album. Front lady Graham Knoxx on their decision:
We had undeniable musical chemistry (Dollar).  We wanted to make a really cohesive body of work, so we decided to pair up and create a full album together.
Shout out to that spark of inspiration that's forced these two to make more music together. We've got the first release from their album, a funky track entitled Rising Tide for you guys to  check out below. I like to call this kind of music electric free funk lol.. don't ask.  Anywho- I'm totally into this song, and I love the visual for it. Check it out below and look out for more Dead Right right here!


  1. i really like thes kind of groups. thnx for putting me on kk.

    1. My pleasure, it's like my favorite thing to do! xo