Monday, February 10, 2014

Roc Nation Writer Chase J Hosts New Video Premiere Party for New Single 'Casualty of Me'

Photo cred: Freddyo

Last week a crowd filled Atlanta's Icon Lounge to watch the reveal of Roc Nation's Chase J's brand new video. The song, Casualty of Me reveals a part of love that is extremely complicated. Chase's incredible voice sheds light on what it's like to end a relationship with someone you thought you loved. The mid tempo track has a little bounce to it, and as the video played live- heads were bobbing in unison.

The visual for the song (kudos to Antwanette McLaughlin & her first go at directing), depicts Chase J benedicting his relationship with conviction. Chase's fiery red hair accompanied by the choices in scenery and fashion make this video a feast for the eyes. Once the video went off, the room exploded with roars and applause. The finished product was enticing.

Just as the video went off, curtains opened to reveal Chase and his band on stage playing the new record live. The Roc Nation songwriter followed his super hype performance of Casualty of Me with an audience favorite, Friends Like These.

The night was a huge success. It was especially great for me, running into people I adore but havent seen in years. Make up mavin Miss Brie rocked a different hat as she sang in Chase J's band with a few other people I heart. It was also great to catch up with fellow Atl bloggers, photogs such as the beautiful, Kodak Boi, and everybody's fave Freddyo.  Many other great creatives and industry people came out to show support, and see what Chase J has been up to as an artist.

During his thank yous, he stressed that he wanted to show people what can be done on an independent level when you have the right team and focus. Kudos to all who pulled this record, video, and event together. It all was incredible. Watch Chase J's Casualty of Me video below. Look out for Chase J's new project,Influence the EP coming soon.

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  1. damn i never heard of him and im here in atlanta. where i been?