Monday, February 17, 2014

Jojo Releases New #LoveJo Mix Tape Proving Her Talent and Versatility

Just a month after Jojo's exciting news that she's FINALLY FREE FROM HER CONTRACT WITH BLACKGROUND RECORDS (whew..excuse me, a lot of excitement in that statement)..she's back with another mixtape. You guys know I love Jojo. I've been keeping a very close eye on her over the years waiting and praying with her that she'd get free from being locked down and out by her former label and give us the music we all love.

The past few years have been tough for the singer/songwriter, but she's managed to release a few VERY good mix tapes and freebies to her fans. This latest, #LoveJo falls right in line with the others. This child knows she can sing heaven down when she wants to. With three covers ranging from a classic soul record by Anita Baker-Caught Up In the Rapture, a rendition of the hymnal Oh Glory by the incomparable Kathleen Battle, to Phil Collins' Take Me Home, Jojo proves she can pretty much sing anything. I was really impressed by her cover of Oh Glory.. as a singer, as a believer, as a person..I was in awe.

This is a perfect time to show the world how incredible her voice is. She recently signed a deal with Atlantic records, so we should be getting a new album soon. In the mean time get INTO this new mix tape below produced by Da Internz, and really any of the others she's released before it. So happy for her right now. Sing girl!