Friday, February 14, 2014

JAY McSwain Debuts New Single Broken Hearts + New Website!

I'm really super excited to dedicate this day on my blog to one of the loves of my life, my big little brother Jay. As most of you know, he is a singer/songwriter and has been dropping feel good music for years. Today, he's debuting a new record, Broken Hearts ft. Cribbs- a song not so befitting for Valentines Day, but I guess the people not in love need a little music to jam to as well.

Along with the Sci Fi produced record- JAY is debuting his brand new interactive website! Finally, a place for his supporters to centralize and stay on top of what he has going on. And boy does he have a lot going on! Currently, he's living in the studio wrapping up his next album. This project is a little more mature than his first release as for content. It's sort of hard for me as a big sister to listen to some of this stuff, but it's real life I guess.

JAY has finally assembled his team, and has geared up to make the best run of his career so far. With his team ready to go, and him blazing record after record this is set to be an exciting era for him. I'm super proud! He's put so much hard work into his career over the years, and I'm happy to see him so focused still!  Be sure to get his brand new single, Broken Hearts now! Check out the record below:

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  1. Yo this boy got skills. How can I contact him?