Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Rihanna, Here Are a few of our favorite performances

Today is Rihanna's 26th bday. She's spending it in Aspen with her closest friends enjoying a much needed break and some outdoor activities. The photos from their fun in the snow are a mix between some high end modeling shoot and LOADS of fun. For our celebration of Rihanna's bday (since we werent invited to Aspen) we decided to share some of our favorite performances from the singer. People love Rihanna as an artist, philanthropist, fashionista, and for those who know her personally.. just as a person.

Known now as an all around pop superstar, and even an icon, she has given us some great music to jam out to over the years. The moments that catch my attention most for Rih are those that are stripped down showcasing her beautiful voice. I tried to pick moments that I remember watching the first time and being impressed. Check out those moments for me below.

This past year of Rihanna's life has seen a lot of ups! While I'm sure she'll never forget how much she achieved this year, at her pace of success and hard work, she's just getting started on this incredible life journey.Happy Birthday Rihanna

Redemption Song


Love The Way You Lie w. Eminema


  1. Wait now she can actually sing. Why don't she showcase her voice more. I never heard these I'm impressed like shit. Ha! Who knew

    1. I'm saying! The vocal on RS is too sweet! Where I been thanks kay respect to lil rhi rhi

  2. I'm glad you guys are experiencing this side of her talent. I think people try to throw her voice out completely like she doesn't have one. These videos prove she does. Thanks for visiting! xo