Monday, January 6, 2014

When Idris Elba's "Private" Joke Broke Twitter This Weekend

Idris Elba is a popular actor most known by women because he's just one of the most attractive men on the big screen. We learned this past weekend that the tall, dark, and handsome beau also has a rather interesting sense of mature humor.

In a tweet that darn near broke Twitter- Idris sent out a joke about his bow tie and his private parts.

My twitter timeline literally went into a frenzy as women all over the world filled his twitter mentions with slick comments and remarks. Even I had to send him a comment like.. sir?!

Idris laughed it off as many were recovering from his comedic moment and his followers grew by leaps and bounds. Somebody would be genius to grab this guy right now to model bow ties.. or anything for that matter.

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