Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What I learned from Poet Lauriate/Philanthropist Juicy J

I needed a good week or so to process this.  I needed to go back and listen to a good portion of Juicy J's discography to make sense of what just happened a couple of weeks back.

Sike, I kid.  Juicy J is brilliant.  For the most part, he has rapped about the same content with the same flow for over twenty years but somehow finds a way to keep it fresh.  The man born Jordan Michael Houston found a way to garner lots of attention for a song of his called "Scholarship" by offering a real scholarship.  

Now let's backtrack for a moment.  The song is called 'Scholarship.'  In the song Juicy J refers to the oft-portrayed stereotype that many women that work at gentlemen's clubs are college students trying to pay tuition.  Using rhythmic couplets he tells a college chick that if she keeps twerking she might own a scholarship.  I've spent a time or two at similar adult entertainment venues doing what my friends have dubbed "community service" so I am familiar with the Juice Man's intentions.

To cross-promote the song Juicy J partnered with none other than the CNN of the Internet, WorldStarHipHop for a contest giving one lucky lady a $50,000 towards their higher education.  Many panned this idea and thought that Juicy J needed to grow up.  People didn't realize that there is much more depth to Juicy J than staying trippy and bandz a making her dance.   The winner of the scholarship was that 19-year-old college student and single mother Zaire Holmes from Florida.  Zaire didn't twerk in her video.

Juicy J stated that Zaire read the rules.  It clearly said applicants didn't need to twerk.  Brilliant!  The girl who won read the rules.  She made a video explaining what she'd like to do with the money and it worked.  Juicy J said that he liked her based off of her video.  That's why she won.  He also said he didn't want to just give the money to anyone.  I don't blame him.  Throwing a few dollars in the air to someone who can gyrate particularly well may be an exhilarating feeling; but once it's over it's over and you wasted money.  Well played, Juicy.  Well played.

In a recent interview with Complex Magazine, Zaire stated that she got to hang out with Juicy J in the studio.  She said that he was quite humble and respectful.  Here's the secret readers: a lot of rappers are.  What you see and hear is a facade (For some. There are a lot of really ignorant ones too).  Rappers too like intelligent women who are about something.  There is more than meets the eye behind those shades Juicy J wears.  The lessons: 1) Never judge a book by its cover.  2) Don't just make assumptions based on what you think you know of someone. 3) ALWAYS read instructions. 

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