Monday, January 6, 2014

Is Rihanna's BFF Leandra The Next Big Thing in Make Up?! Taking Classes with Guru Renny Vasquez + Beat Face Honey!

I truly love seeing people blossom in what they love to do. It's one of the reasons I started this blog/social media gigs.. I genuinely love doing it, and it's not really about the notoriety as it is about being able to do what you love and have others appreciate it.

Leandra may not be a well known name or face to many of you, but she is one of Rihanna's BFFs, and a self proclaimed "make up addict". Since we've been following each other on social media sites one thing has been consistent other than her 0 tolerance for people coming for her BFF.. she has a true passion for beauty- hair and makeup. Rihanna has posted many photos of Le's work.. you know the way girls just sit around and play in each other's hair and make up.

Well it appears that in the new year, after so many posts of her work Leandra is taking a huge step in make up artistry. She shared via her instagram page that she was super blessed to be able to glean from classes with make up maven Renny Vasquez! Along with Renny, the beautiful and equally talented Tatiana Ward bka Beat Face Honey was also there. Tatiana is another example of how a little exposure and determination can catapult a career. When Brandy gave her a chance to "beat her face" it put her in high demand.

 Leandra posted her models from her first two classes with Renny, and even Rihanna posted a fun pic showing off the work Leandra did on her following her first class. It's very obvious that Le is talented and passionate about what she's doing. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of an amazing career in beauty. I love that Rihanna seems to always set her friends up to work and do what they love and make money doing it. Her other childhood Bff's natural eye for photography has landed her numerous opportunities as Rihanna put her talents on blast! I'm here for that!

Take Leandra as an example.. do what you love, hone your skills, make your passion your money maker on whatever level you can. Go Le!


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