Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rihanna Talks Philanthropic Partnership with VIVA GLAM on Gma (video)

Rihanna made an appearance on Good Morning America this morning to chat with Robin Roberts about her current Viva Glam campaign with Mac. The Viva Glam campaign is an ongoing effort to fight the AIDS epidemic through the promotional efforts of their products on behalf of celebrities. The idea is that the celebrity will boost sales, and 100% of the sales will go to the MAC Aids Fund.

Rihanna gave a very good interview. She's extremely well spoken and articulate. When asked about the AIDS epidemic and why she thinks fans will listen to her over others, she explained that she feels they know she's not condemning or trying to make their lives boring. She said she likes to have fun, but wants them to be safe as well.

She also still isn't used to the whole "Icon" title. She blushed over her adorable mom, and basically admitted that she feels like she has so far to go in her career- making the Icon title a little weird. She's a very humble girl. When asked about music, she basically said she loves it, and it's something she's always doing. Hopefully for the Navy that means, music is coming soon.

Rih was on GMA today with the men of the hit television show, Full House. Safe to say that everyone's childhood crush John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) has a little crush himself. He couldn't seem to stop saying her name during his set! Haha cute. We don't blame him, she looked amazing with her classic suit, and straight hair today.

Seriously, how cute is that. We all love him! See her full GMA interview below + a few photos.

He totally photo bombed her photo with fans.

He then posted this to his Instagram Account
Finally met my childhood crush- rihanna - wait, strike that reverse it.