Friday, January 17, 2014

Rihanna Has Fun In Brazil Shooting For Vogue+ Her Bikini Body is Perfection!

Rihanna is currently in Brazil shooting for Vogue. While a few photos of her actually on set for the shoot set the online world a blaze a few days ago, Rihanna decided last night to share a few candids of herself just enjoying her time there in Brazil. All of the photos remind us why Rihanna is one of the most beautiful stars out there.

While the Vogue shoot seems to be giving us short hair Rih, her uploads to IG have her back to long hair don't care looking freaking amazing! Rihanna's body is exceptionally toned and she really doesn't have to try to take a good picture. I have to agree with the photographers from her recent Balmain ad, it's clear that the camera loves her. The shots for Vogue are classic, with Rih rocking a colorful  head wrap, big earrings, bangles, a big sun hat, and very little else. I love how confident she seems to be with her body.

I recall Rihanna posting a photo of Beyonce a while back saying that the photo could single handedly destroy the self esteem of a nation.. well Rih thats exactly what I've been thinking about these Brazil photos. Child.. honey... flawless!

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