Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pharrell's Hat Was the Most Hip Hop Thing At the Grammy's

Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper alive right now.  Jay-Z still got bars and can still release an impressive album.  J. Cole is the future...

But nothing was more hip hop than the star of Grammy night: Pharrell Williams' hat.

Because I'm a hip hop connoisseur for real, I'm gonna impart some wisdom on yall real quick.

In 1982 British musician/producer/original white rapper Malcom McLaren produced a song called "Buffalo Gals."  For all of those millennials out there who do not know what song that is another white rapper Eminem re-wrote the lyrics to it as the intro for his 2002 hit song "Without Me" where he raps "Two trailer park girls 'round the outside. 'Round the outside.  'Round the outside."  Replace trailer park girls with Buffalo gals and there you have it.

Like most white contributors to hip hop not names Rick Ruben, The Beastie Boys, Eminem, and regrettably Vanilla Ice, McLaren has been forgotten about.  He died in 2010.

But to some his name came back to relevancy for those who caught it.  If you look at the video you will notice that the hat Pharrell donned on Sunday was the same hat worn in the "Buffalo Gals" video.

You're welcome.

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