Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Video Shakira ft. Rihanna: Cant Remember to Forget You

Shakira and Rihanna have been bigging up this collab for weeks. Fans have been speculating a collab way longer than that. Shak and Rih have been showing so much love to one another via their social media accounts, so no one is surprised to see the two sassy ladies all cuddled up.

 It may be a little different for Rihanna, but it's definitely Shakira's cup of tea. The song reminds me of late 90s early 2000 pop music. Something Britney would've done. I think it works for Shak's fan base for sure. Rih tried to sing a little as much as she could in certain spots, bringing some soul to the rock/reggae meshed record.

As for this video.... I really don't have many words for whats happening. These ladies are just hot. Period.  LOL

Watch these two pop divas' new video below:

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