Monday, January 6, 2014

Jay Z Pulls 12 Yr. Old Boy On Stage to Rap for Him (Video)

I spotted this story over on Necole's site and of course I have to repost it. You guys know I'm a huge Jay Z fan. Going to a Jay Z concert and being in a stadium with hundreds of other fans who know every rhyme rapping along with him is a dope experience! It appears we range in age, because this 12 yr. old boy attended Jay Z's show READY!

According to Necole 12 yr. old Justin came to the show with a sign that simply said, "Can I rap for you?"

Jay Z spotted the sign and pulled the little guy on stage to get his life! I love how confident this boy was on such a huge stage in front of one of his biggest inspirations! Who knows what this moment did for him. So cool!!!

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