Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Lady Obama Slam Dunks a Ball With Lebrons Assist! (video)

This lady is so cool! First Lady Obama is youthful and funny, and just a regular woman in the White House. Every once in a while, we get to see just how down to earth she is! While visiting the White House, the Miami Heat got to see some of First Lady Obama's mad basketball skills. The guys were there to be honored for winning the Championship last year. I'm thinking that since they were there, our First Lady put them to work. She had some of the teams biggest names to film a short video for her Let's Move campaign which seeks to get children active and fit.

While they shot their video, Mrs. Obama made her appearance here and there. Then, out of nowhere, with the help of Lebron James, the First Lady handed out the nastiest slam dunk I've seen in a while, and she had the attitude to go with it!!! Lebron was her amen choir with a solid, "in yo face"..because whats a slam dunk without that right?

It's no surprise that Mrs. Obama's bball skills are mad real, haha. Her husband is a ballplaya, and she was very active in sports coming up as well. Check Mrs. Obama handling some of the NBA's best players in one slam dunk!

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