Saturday, January 18, 2014

Faith Evans Performs "Tears of Joy" on The Arsenio Hall Show

One of the most recognizable names in R&B, Faith Evans, stopped by the Arsenio Hall Show last night to perform her record, Tears of Joy from the R&B Divas album. Faith proved that after over 20 yrs in the game she still has one of the sweetest voices to ever groove an R&B track. Honestly, her debut album Faith is still one of the best R&B/Hip Hop albums to ever drop.

Faith also opened up to Arsenio about Biggie's death and the investigation hinting that the LAPD don't really want people to know what happened. Faith says that millions of dollars were spent investigating her ex husbands death, but to no avail. She's hoping for the sake of his children and all who loved him, that one day justice will be served, but she's also led to feel like it may never happen.

I'm glad to see Faith on stage singing DOWNE! Her next album is set to drop this year, I believe that will make 8 for her! Check out Faith's very "churched" but solid performance of Tears of Joy below.. love this song, and this voice!

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