Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Common Announces New album & Releases New Single- War

Rapper and one of my boo's in my head Common is one of many fed up with the violence in our Chicago streets. If you've been anywhere near keeping up with the news, it's very obvious that we have a problem. As someone who spent half of my life in inner city Chicago I am glad that people are finally paying attention. Artists like Common have been speaking on this violence since they started rapping, now it appears that more people are voicing their concerns as well. For some strange reason a lot of it is glorified in some sick way, it's cool to be one of the toughest cities in America I guess. It's not cool at all to be losing our youth at such a genocidal pace. It's not cool.

Just after announcing that we'll be getting a new album, Nobodys Smiling sometime this year, Common released this militant anthem entitled War as it's first single. The song speaks about the war in the streets of "Chiraq" and how his new album is a call to action for everybody to start doing something about it. You can count on Common to make you think beyond sex, drugs, and partying- which is why I love him!

Check out War below:

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