Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ayyeeee TBoz & Chilli Are Too Cute Hittin the popular Dance The Nae Nae

TLC is known for a lot of hit records and a really incredible story, but the girls have also always been one of the most dancing groups we've ever seen. Even 20 yrs. later, not much has changed about that. T-Boz shared a video yesterday of she and Chilli and a few others hitting a new popular dance called the Nae Nae which has taken Atlanta by storm. Why are they so cute?!

TBoz & Chilli are so much fun, and they still got the moves. It's so cute to see them always embracing the cool stuff- especially since they both have young teen kids, I'm sure they get a kick out of it! The ladies are gearing up to perform for VH1's Super Bowl Blitz concert series! They are still hittin it "aayyyyeee" ;)

Check out TLC hitting the Nae Nae below.

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