Thursday, December 12, 2013

Toya Wright Speaks on Her Arrest This Week

Traffic tickets are the worst! A couple of nights ago they ended up landing New York Time Best Selling Author and Garb Boutique owner Toya Wright in jail. Yep. Jail. The mugshot and story was posted around the web yesterday afternoon. In response Toya took to her own personal social media accounts to share her experience + her mugshot:

Wow!!! It's true I was jailed due to a old ticket that I thought I had taken care of but it was not. I try my best to take care of that sort of thing quickly but some how the ticket slipped through the cracks. I spent a day in jail and I must say that this experience was one of the most devastating of my life. I wouldn't wish jail time for my worse enemy. Everyone that gets locked up isn't a danger to the community. Many people are in jail are just like me for a ticket that was either forgotten or thought to be taken care of. But the way most are treated is inhumane. I never thought in a million years that the kind of things I've witnessed went on. The situation was so bad that I don't even want to leave out the house. After my ordeal I am seriously contemplating being an advocate of better treatment for prisoners. Please believe I'm working on my lightening up my lead foot and if I do mess up and get another ticket, that day it will be taken care of. 
 After being transported from one jail to another for a freaking traffic ticket. I met some cool and helpful cops at College park Jail. Thank you guys for being so sweet and helpful to me......What a way to celebrate my hubby's bday.

I think it's great that after dealing with such an experience Toya is finding a way to spin it for positive results. If you've been keeping an eye on her moves over the years, you know this is to be expected of her. Jail is not fun, and even less fun than not fun at all on your hubby's birthday, but I'm sure Memphitz will understand. and I'm even more sure she's making it up to him. They're adorable.

While her going to jail is news, it is also worth noting that Toya just celebrated her 1 yr. anniversary for Garb Shoetique here in Atlanta. She's also currently writing her next book among other ventures, while nurturing the same business woman spirit into her mini me Reginae (daughter with ex husband Lil Wayne). Reginae just released a clothing line, and co-authored her own book which was released a few months ago.

When you're a good person, and you work hard and smart things like this pass over quickly. I'm glad to know that Toya will keep it moving, but also see what she can do to better conditions of those in our jail system.

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  1. this why i love u kay. u always give the story without any of the underlyin hate like only callin her wayne baby mama. she clearly is more than that. toya will be fine everybody go to jail sometime.llol some of us more then othas.