Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rick Ross ft Jay Z- The Devil is a Lie (Explicit)

Rick Ross reunites with Jay Z for another one. The two were just hold together on Jay Z's latest album, and now we have a collab for Rick Ross' Mastermind out at the top of next year. On The Devil is a Lie, the two men address street stuff, and use the popular saying to address how all of the adversities against them won't hold them back.

Jay Z also takes a couple of jabs at the people who were up in arms about his recent Barney's deal, and the illuminati theorists:
"Devil want these ni**as hate they own kind/ Gotta be the illuminati if a ni**a shine"

Jay Z makes a few very valid points with his verse. Rozay had some bars too. Check it out below:

1 comment:

  1. this shit hard. im glad that nigga jay keepin it 1000 about all of this bullshit niggas puttin on him. its only black people doin that to each other. this go off.