Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Music: Diggy Simmons ft. B.O.B. & Key Wane- Mama Said

We've been waiting for a long time for one of our favorites- Diggy Simmons to drop something. Well, the day has come, and it's definitely a new day. Diggy's release- Mama Said at first listen is something we've never heard from Diggy lyrically. Mainly because he's using some language we aren't too familiar with on his actual music, but Diggy is growing up...I guess we have to deal. I really couldn't hear Mrs. Justine using these lyrics Dig, but I get the point.

Now I absolutely could see her in that cute little voice letting Diggy know that he is very capable of being successful in this game. Mama's are always the best source of encouragement.

Diggy is one of the sweetest guys. When I interviewed him a few years ago I had really high hopes for his career, and I still do. He may be a little overlooked because people think he's got an edge up because of who is family is, but the reality is he's proven that he really is a talented and smart young man. I mean Diggy has bars! Period.

Check out his new record, Mama Said ft. B.O.B. and Key Wane.

Listen Music Files - Download Audio - Mama Said

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