Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jay Z & Beyonce Behind the Scenes recording Drunk In Love

In the above  video Beyonce let's you in on the creation of one of the most talked about songs on her most talked about album. Drunk in Love is a fun and very grown song on Beys newest album. It features her husband JayZ.

Bey explains in the video that the song was a party to record with both she & Jay basically freestyling their parts. She says the song was pretty organic. The two seemed to really be enjoying themselves in the studio with producers & friends. You can spot Kelly Rowland hanging out too.

The video also gives some insight on how they shot some of the other videos featured on Beyonce's new self titled visual album. It shows a little behind the scenes footage from her shoot with Jay for DIL, and it features the video Directors'commentary on a lot of the process for shooting some of the other visuals. Beyonce is so dope for this album. The Beyhive is in fan heaven right now, and it's cool for us JayZ fans too! Love these two together.

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  1. this is so real! I went thru the whole not feeling sexy thing when I had my children. I was even embarased in front of my husband. I like her honesty and who knew she breastfed!