Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Happy 44th Birthday Jay Z! + New Tom Ford Remix ft. Pimp C (Explicit)

Jay Z has been a trendsetter his whole career. Anything he embarks upon in the entertainment world becomes the new "it" way to do things, and he's always thinking outside of any box someone else tries to create. Jay Z is always forcing us to re-evaluate things. He makes the tough decision to stand out, and even be criticized in an effort to push the hip hop culture forward.

Today, Jay Z turns 44yrs old! I'm sure the world is standing by to see what the man who  seems to have the most incredible life will get for his birthday.He told us yesterday via his personal site that his gift to himself is a healthier life- he and his wife Beyonce are going vegan for 22 days. According to Jay it's somewhat of a "spiritual cleanse".

This is just one way Jay Z has motivated and inspired people to change the way they live- for the better. For fans, it couldve been a rhyme or something he said in an interview, but it goes far beyond that for a lot of people. Today, we're taking a look at a few other ways Jay has enhanced the culture, the rap game, and for some of us- our lives overall. Check that out when you read on + Jay's new remix to Tom Ford ft. Pimp C!

*As a "rapper" he has the most no 1 albums on Billboard 200 for a solo artist. This is just a music stat, but I'd venture to bet that he's the face of potential for rappers around the world period. His whole career has placed rap on maps and in places it has never been before.

*Jay taught a whole generation of men how to switch up their fashion game from street to business. Which may be overlooked as just a fad change, but we all know how important that lesson was in the big picture.

*He's shown hustlers how to move from the corner to the corner office with hard work and determination.

charity work though often overlooked is commendable, and any time there is a crisis of some sort he's there to give. He's done a lot of things to just help give back in some way. Even when their isn't necessarily a "crisis", he's thinking about ways to better lives. His Made in America Documentary reflected this side of him very well.

*He's not afraid to try new things for a better outcome- ie
the way he went about releasing his latest album Magna Carta was monumental.

*He doesn't back down from showing love and admiration to
his wife, and now his daughter Blue Ivy. Jay shows us that a "thug" can very well be in love and committed to his family. Beyonce is arguably one of the most powerful women in entertainment and Jay lets her shine, and bigs her up all of the time. Another lesson learned..hopefully.

*He's transparent about his growth as a person. I mean, you would've never thought in a million years the 1999 Jay Z would be online talking about a "spiritual cleanse", but he is.

*Through his music he's challenged me personally in many ways. One of my favorite lines and a question I often ask myself in a moment of pride or self doubt is one he posed to Kanye on the Power remix, "..but do you have the power to get out from up under you?" .. man.

*Many of us can credit Jay for enhancing or enlightening our interests in the arts as a whole. He's always influencing our culture by introducing us to people, facts, history we never paid much attention to before.. think about it - Warhol, Basquiat, Magna Carta.. a few that come to mind. Yall didn't know WHAT these were. haha. He's all about
the arts.

*Jay Z encouraged a whole generation of youth to
get involved in politics and even explained how he wasn't really into it much before as well. He makes himself very easy to relate to.
Overall, I appreciate my favorite Hip Hop Mogul for his determination to grow and be a better man. Take the cards he was dealt, his life couldve gone any way...but he was focused and dedicated to better. To this day it seems he still is.

Happy Birthday Jay Z and thanks for always reinventing the mode!

Also.. for all you UGK/ JayZ Fans.. check out the Tom Ford Remix below with a rather explicit and unreleased verse from Pimp C who passed away on Dec. 4, 2007:

What yall think?!

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