Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beyonce's Ridiculously INSANE First Week (3days) Sales Numbers Are In

Oh so listen.. Beyonce (Mutha as I like to call her) just decided to randomly drop arguably one of her best albums on the world last weekend. We didn't get any promotion, no heads up, no ANYTHING.. just an album on iTunes- complete with 17 quality music videos- one for each song on the album.

Well, it looks as though Bey's "New Rules" for releasing an album have paid off in a major way. Bey has just broken the record for most albums sold in a week on iTunes- 828,773 copies.Ironically, this week for Bey consists of the first THREE days it was available for purchase. Instead of dropping the album on Tuesday as is tradition in the music business and by doing so- giving herself a full week in sales before any stats were drawn, Beyonce dropped her album on a Sunday night/ Monday morning 12 am- giving herself only days to make anything happen..but oh did it happen.

The genius behind the execution of the release is that the album didn't leak in any way even though she managed to work with some of music's biggest names, and shoot some of her best music videos to date. It's also a brilliant move considering the shift to digital music purchasing that we've seen in recent years. The album was also only available to be purchased in full on iTunes, usually fans can pick through which songs they'd like to purchase and not be forced to get a whole album.

Beyonce explained that she wanted fans to feel the music- a whole album. She explained recently that people no longer get into whole bodies of work. She wanted this album to be different. A gift of her best work straight to her fans. The "visual" album has done way more than Bey expected I'm sure. Absolutely amazing, and honestly a really good album with really good videos.

The self titled album is No.1 in 104 countries. It is Beyonce's biggest sales week to date. Yes Queen!

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  1. This is her best album yet! I love this Beyonce, she seems so free to express herself.