Monday, December 23, 2013

Beyonce Hosts Q& A with Fans

Beyonce is really opening up in recent years. She held a viewing celebration for her visual album a few days ago, pretty much shutting the whole world down in an AMAZING Tom Ford dress with matching boots. She's just ..Lawd help!

The mother and wife held a Q&A where she answered a few questions from her fans surrounding her number one new album, Beyonce. The album was such a surprise in every way- from the way she released it to the content. It was just a really fresh project, and this is Bey like we've never seen her.

Beyonce takes some time to explain why she's so open and free on this album, as well as what she hoped to achieve with it. She also explains a few fun facts like, who is Yonce, and what she was doing when the album dropped. While the Q& A is about the album, there are many life lessons to be learned in Beyonce's answers. Check the video out below.

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  1. i keep comin on here to look at her. lol she kilt this dress!