Friday, December 20, 2013

Beyonce Had Her Album Release Party At Dave & Busters! (Pics)

Days after releasing the most top secret album of all time- Beyonce hit up Dave & Busters in Times Square to celebrate her top selling album. The self titled album had no promo, no release date, and no warning, it simply appeared on iTunes last Thursday night.

Beyonce's new way of releasing her music was obviously a great plan. The singer happened to chart the highest selling album in iTunes history- mostly due to the fact that fans have been begging her for an album- the demand was insanely high. In addition to that, the business side of things was on point as well, fans had to buy it completely and weren't able to choose individual tracks..genius!

After a highly successful tour, and arguably her best album yet- Beyonce had every right to let loose and enjoy herself at her private release party. Just after her show last night at Barclays- she hit her party up along with fans, friends, family members, and other celebs including Drake. How cute to have it at Dave & Busters?

See a couple more cute pics Beyonce shared on her personal Instagram page below.

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