Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Press Play: Nivea- Loud Blunt

It's been a minute since we've heard anything from Nivea. The hilariously funny and well loved singer has been in the cut for a bit, raising her children and making other moves. Finally, fans are getting some new material in the form of this new release, Loud Blunt. I was searching one of the blogs I frequent and ran across it this morning.

The smooth track is produced by Bobby Skywalker, and it's a rather chill record. From the title, you know exactly what Niv is talking about to some extent, but you probably weren't expecting it to be a ballad about being intimate with the one you love. Niv's vocals are still just as sweet and sultry as they were back in her Laundromat days.

Maybe we'll get a new project from her this year. Maybe, but in the meantime hear her new record below. Love her voice.


  1. yo I love this! can u get the song on here so I dont have to go to the other site. Nivea sounds great!

  2. Here you are. Thanks for visiting! xo