Friday, November 15, 2013

New Video: Rihanna -What Now

Finally the visual for Rihanna's much loved new single, What Now is here! Though it's only been one week since it was confirmed to be released today it felt like forever for many fans. The song What Now is one of the best on Rihanna's No. 1 Unapologetic album if you ask me. Lyrically it deals with something many of us know too well, that numbness that heart break and heart ache can cause over time. Due to the emotionalism in the song, Rihanna and team decided to go against the grain with the visual. As Rih described in the teaser released a couple of days ago, she didn't want to get too boring or predictable with the video because it could easily go that way.The visual is dark and eery, but Rihanna as always brings some beauty and sex appeal.

Rihanna's ability to play this role so well is crazy! The video tangos between distorted and dark images of a possessed Rihanna to a really soft and helpless Rih. The contrast is incredible...and necessary for such a dark video. It's quite befitting on some weird level. Love is something that possesses you somehow, rendering you the most helpless feeling ever. When it's good it's great, but when things turn sour they often turn dark and hopeless, sort of like this video


Check out the video for What Now below.


  1. i phuckin love it! scary as shit tho.

  2. Thanks for visiting. We all have our own opinions of things, and I'm glad you feel the need to come on my site and share yours. Just keep in mind that this is my site, and I blog about/allow blogs on whatever I see fit. Also, lets be honest for a don't know everybody Rihanna has slept with, do you? You know rumors. You also don't know how many drugs she's used. Just relax. You're too invested in rumors. xo

  3. Wow! @ people who haven't slept with her calling her a ' whore' not unless you have been there don't take it upon yourself to play ' God' and judge others.
    I love the video, we all go thru these torment when it comes to love.