Friday, November 1, 2013

Mary J. Blige-Music Industry Bosses Will Sacrifice Artists Health & Lives, They Only Care About Money

 Mary J. Blige is one of the most recognizable names and voices in r&b music. She pretty much ran the 90s with her  raw voice and lyrical content. Known for being 100 about the everyday struggles women face in life and relationships, Mary recently opened up about a different struggle she's all too familiar with- fame.

Though she's seen much success over her career, she also accuses the people who ran her career of sitting by and watching her fall to pieces- so they could get money. Mary is candid about this being a trend in the music industry. Execs will sit back and allow artists to fall into drug use or even depression if they can still make money off of them.

While chatting with The London Evening Standard Mary drops a few names we all know too well to back up her claim, making it even more real. This is a sticky subject because many of us sit back and watch the people we love and admire in the industry fall off personally while their career seems to be in full bloom. I feel Mary on this, it's the reason I'm always encouraging fans to pray for their favorite celebrity when they think to. The fame life can be such an empty life when all of the pleasures of the world are at your feet, but there is no sense of peace inside. See what she had to say below.

"She (Whitney) was such a gift from God, such a star -- her voice was like no other. Same with Michael Jackson: two such amazing gifts. And no one was there for them. You have thousands of people around you because you're this big star, but no one around you really cares. I saw a tragic situation coming for me and I looked around and saw that nobody cared, not really. They were happy for me to suffer, to drink myself to death, as long as they were getting what they needed. The industry makes its money on people's demise. The way I was living, I should have been dead. ... All the money and fame in the world couldn't change what was going on in my heart. That's how messed up I was, and how depressed I was. I was drinking, I was doing drugs, so I couldn't even feel or see anything, and that made it alright for the moment, until I had to come down and look for some more."

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