Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jay Z and His Baby Girl Blue Are ADORABLE

As a huge Jay Z fan, I know that there's nothing he's more proud about right now than his baby girl. From the outside looking in, one could assume that Jay Z is just a thug who made it big, and decided to move into other business ventures. That is true, but a look deeper into his music and interviews over the years will tell you that he's much more than that as a person. Jay has always honored and looked forward to the role of a father.

Since Blue's birth we've watched him share some of the most adorable moments with his babygirl. The most recent (the above photo) shared by his wife Beyonce on her Tumblr page is almost a classic shot. It captures the pure joy I'm sure he feels when he's with his mini me.

The world is watching one of the most known rappers and ex criminals turn into mush right before our eyes. Now, you rarely see the mogul without his little girl, and you can barely get through an interview or song without him mentioning her.  That's what a daughter will do for you! Check out more photos of these two below.


  1. i think she has changed him tho. who would think he could be so daddy like?

    1. I'm sure she has in some way, but I've always known he'd be a great dad. xo