Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chad is In Defense of Rihanna's Doobie Wrap

I was never a big Rihanna fan until last night. Watching the American Music Awards I think I fell in love with her. Sure she has more YouTube views than anyone else-I haven’t really seen them. When her songs come on the radio, I usually change the station. You get the point. Robyn Fenty received the Icon Award at the American Music Awards on Sunday. However, a lot of the talk was not about her achievement, but the hairstyle she chose to wear: the doobie wrap.

For those that do not know what a doobie wrap is: it is part of a nightly ritual win which women comb their hair in a circular motion, secured by Bobbi pins, and a scarf is placed on top of it (preferably silk) to keep said lady’s hair straightened while going to bed. The hairstyle only lasts the night and is rarely seen outdoors, as it is combed out the next morning to give the hair that fresh out of the salon look. From time to time, it may be seen outdoors if a woman is running a quick errand or has get somewhere and it is raining outside. It is one of if not the most common hairstyles amongst black women from ages fifteen to fifty.

The faction popularly known as Black Twitter erupted when they noticed that she walked onto the stage with her hair wrapped and Bobbi pins holding it up. She ran out onto stage, gave thanks and walked off stage. I thought it was awesome. At first, I and just about everyone assumed her hair was wrapped up to put on some wig or something for some elaborate and probably sexually suggestive performance in a leotard like she normally does. I thought Rih Rih was making a statement. While many were embarrassed, I was hoping that she would come back out and accept her Icon Award with doobie wrap in tow.
Sometime later, my wish came true. I think that it was one of those moments where Rihanna gave white America a peek into our world in what it takes for an African-American woman to keep her hair looking right.

I fell in love with Rihanna and her public use of the doobie wrap because I’m a guy. If you ask most men when they think a woman looks the best, they will say it is probably around the house in a t-shirt or “wife beater” undershirt, and sweatpants. Her hairstyle attracted me in a similar fashion. The contrast of a fashion forward outfit and the hairstyle that I am accustomed to seeing my significant other wear while we’re at home watching a movie did it for me.

Well played, Rihanna. I salute you. Thank you. Don’t take this too seriously. I’m being incredibly facetious. But I did appreciate it and thought it was funny.

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  1. So much words but at least it was well written and a complement to an icon called Rihanna, so well done too, any positivity for her is welcomed.