Tuesday, November 5, 2013

BTS: Celine Dion and Babyface record "At Seventeen" Video

Celine Dion AND Babyface ..together!!!? Yes! Today Celine's crew released this amazing video of her working with Babyface. The video shows the two legends collaborating on Celine's latest album, Loved Me Back to Life. Amazingly, this is the first time these two have collaborated in all of their years in the industry.

It's really great to see both of them in awe of one another while recording the classic, At Seventeen. The lyrics reign true for both of these artists and many of us. Celine opens up about how unhappy and awkward she was as a teenager, and how she knows it's probably even more difficult for people to feel beautiful today.

This is such a classic collaboration. You don't get to see the greats working together like this often. It's really wonderful how Babyface made this record sound like Babyface, Celine, and the original. The guy is a genius.


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