Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wowzers! Bad Gal Rih Gets New Moko Art On Hand & of course a lil history (Video/Photo)

Rihanna may claim to be the baddest gyal in the game, but she has just taken bad to another level. As you read this, you can hear what sounds like a is a chisel..and it's going into Rihanna's skin. While on tour in New Zealand, Rihanna opted to get a new tattoo, but not just any tattoo- a Ta Moko. The traditional art work down with hand tools scarring the skin.

Traditionally the symbols tell a story of the wearer's family, social status, and give tribute to their ancestors. Though the art took a small downfall in popularity, it has recently resurfaced as a popular form of body expression. Today, the moko art is known to be a symbol of integrity, identity, and prestige among just looking really cool once finished.

The act of getting a moko is traditionally sacred, and I'm sure Rihanna took this into some consideration when she sat down to allow the art to be etched into her hand. In the below video she cringes a bit as the artists complete the painful technique and etch her story with symbols into her hand! Many aren't going to love it, but if you know it's significance, it's really all about the wearer and what it means to them. To learn more about Moko click here.


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