Monday, October 21, 2013

Woman is Raped on Vine Video- Twitter Takes a Stand

Last night a video went viral on the popular social media video app- Vine, of a man raping an unconscious woman. The guy behind the camera (who quickly changed his handle to  @Vinceharperhall) sat back and encouraged this disgusting act.  He shouted out his twitter handle for fame as he video'd his friend raping a woman outside.

As soon as the video picked up the fame he was looking for, it turned on him. People were so offended by this heartless and violent act, that they immediately began a full out campaign on twitter to notify authorities in Chicago. The video was quickly removed from Vine, but not before thousands of people witnessed a woman being violated for fun. The camera guy began trying to avoid the backlash by changing his twitter name, and reportedly even deleting his Facebook, but the rape of this woman still happened, and it should not be taken lightly.

I personally contacted the Chicago Police Department and demanded that some sort of action be taken against these two men. To make a joke of such a sick act is not only shameful, but it says a lot about these guys. To see the comments and reactions from others was completely shocking as well. I can't imagine what the victim feels at this time.

If you have any more information, or would like to do something to help please contact the Chicago Police Department(312) 745-4290. Shout out to everyone on Twitter who took action against this video immediately.

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