Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Playlist: Marian Mereba Presents Room for Living Remixes

Every once in a while I come across an artist who grabs all of my attention. When I first experienced Marian Mereba, that's exactly what happened. With the flair and grace of a British soul singer, but the hip and approach of Lauryn Hill- Marian Mereba is a talent for some of everybody to love. She oozes cool, but not on purpose. It's a natural glow that stems from true authentic artistry and creative freedom.

Marian is a well known and celebrated name among the Atlanta music circuit. Known for her great live performances, ability to write, rap, play instruments, and just give good energy- she's a fan favorite. So, it's with great excitement that we feature her new release- Room for Living Remixes as our The Playlist feature this week!

Her latest project features remakes of some of her supporters' favorite records like, Go to London and Rolling Stoner , among the other records from the original EP. The collection of songs were created by some of music's most buzzed about up and coming names. She collaborated with Colossal Mantis, ForteBowie, Brandon Rossi, and a name we know from one of Marian's good friends and fellow artist India Shawn's work- John Key. The creativity is at it's peak on this one!

Room for Living Remixes is available today on, and everywhere November 4th. Get into this brilliant artistry and lovely soul. Update your Playlists.

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