Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Playlist: Chase J - Never Close My Eyes

This week's The Playlist feature goes to RocNation's Chase J. Equally recognized for his bangin bright red hair as his incredible songwriting skills, Chase is gearing up to bring his brand new project to listeners world wide. To start things off, from his upcoming EP, "Music and Mayhem" is this fiery debut single "Never Close My Eyes". I played this upbeat, but smooth pop record over and over the other day when it landed in my inbox. I've been watching/listening to Chase for a long time and this is his standard sound. He's a singing pop artist. With a trained ear for music, Chase skates through melodies and vocal acrobatics like it's drawing x's and o's. It's easy.

The track is produced by Ukranian producer Lectric, and it's a perfect marriage with Chase's sound. When asked about his new project Chase explained:

"Music & Mayhem" "I like to call The Music & Mayhem EP 'party pop' because its just fun music even when i go there and discuss something emotional or serious i sing it over a fun beat lol and to me that's how life is.....Shit happens, Dance Anyway!

Love this dude. Check out Never Close My Eyes below!  

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