Monday, October 14, 2013

The Most Adorable pics of Rihanna You've Ever Seen + Record Breaking First South Africa Show

We're all used to Rihanna breaking records at this point, but I'm not sure she can ever get used to some of this. Case and point, Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour has been a huge success, selling out stop after stop. She arrived in South Africa a couple of days ago. Arriving early allowed her to be a tourist for a bit. She took a minute to visit the Safari with her crew before kicking off her show. From that trip, she shared with fans some of the cutest photos of her getting close with some of the wild life via her instagram account. Her cute factor just shot through the roof. This little cub is the cutest thing! Her family met her in South Africa- the singer's first time there since she opened up to a booing crowd for Jay Z at the top of her career.

This go around the story is very different. Only six years later, Rihanna is headlining, a sold out, 65,000 plus audience, all there for one reason only- her.  She is reportedly the youngest black artist to sell out her first stop before heading to Cape Town. Personal cell phone shots from fans show the magnitude of the audience that packed out the stadium.

Rihanna appeared on stage on time, to much surprise. Rihanna is known for being a little slow on time, and she may have chosen one of the worst times to actually be prompt. Throughout the course of the beginning of the show, many fans were caught in a long line of traffic just trying to get in. Cars were backed up and fans took to their twitter accounts practically begging Rih to be late this time. While I'm not sure how much of that would've been up to her anyway, she hit the stage as planned.. decked out in something Janet Jackson would've worn in her prime.

 Fans and critics took to their twitter accounts with reviews, most good- some bad. The best were from people who happened to be in that booing crowd she opened up for Jay to years ago. In the flesh, there she was again the little island girl all grown up. Only this time, the whole one hit wonder thing was in no one's mind. Rihanna was owning the entire stadium- whether they liked it or not. Check out more photos of Rih's trip/show below.

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  1. So proud of Rihanna and the journey she continues and the growth she has demonstrated in all these years . Go Rih Rih Go !