Saturday, October 26, 2013

Press Play: Brandy releases "a cappella" version of Scared of Beautiful

Well, happy Saturday morning! I woke up to Brandy sharing something special with her fans, a great way to kick this day off. Scared of Beautiful is one of the most heart touching records Bran has ever recorded. The song focusing on introspection and self love is featured on her latest studio album Two Eleven.

Known for her incredible & darn near perfect vocal arrangements and executions- Bran truly gave fans their lives by dropping the a cappella version of the record this morning. Though this version is stripped of actual band instruments, you forget that rather quickly considering her voice itself gives so much music.

I know if Bran had her way, we'd focus less on going on and on about how perfect her vocals are on this particular record, and more on the life changing message in the lyrics. It's so real, so many people struggle with self acceptance. This record is about facing that head on and calling it out for what it truly is, fear.

Check out the a cappella version of Scared of Beautiful below. You can catch Bran on BET's The Game, and somewhere in a studio hopefully- she recently said she's working on her next album.

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